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UNtv Has Mutated!

Your favorite station has even more to give. Creepy McCreeper has been hard at work perfecting his legendary Monster, The Dreaded Underground Television. He wasn’t satisfied with just giving people a place to enjoy the stranger side of cinema and television of long past. It wasn’t enough that he created a place for live linear internet broadcasting. A corner of the web where “Weird IS Good” It wasn’t enough that his controversial, Hybrid-creation allowed Viewers from all over the world to tune in and see their favorite horror host or Cult film streamed at the right time just like the old days of antenna TV . No, none of this was enough. Just like all good Mad Scientists, Creepy McCreeper soon began to wonder how this alternative viewing experience could possibly be any better. That’s when it hit him, He knew that live broadcasting was an amazing concept but what if what was playing was…well, a real stinker of a movie? The thought of all the turkeys playing at set times and the way his creation would capture viewers alike to torture them with things like the Beast of Yucca Flats and Gamera films! “Oh god, how many times could they sit through the brain that wouldn’t die?” Professor McCreeper knew what had to be done, there had to be a way for people to stay connected to the weird but save them from the madness of repetitive programming. That’s why he went back to work on his Frankenstein-website and has unearthed something even bigger and more entertaining than underground TV. Instead of just one boring old Live Linear broadcasting stream, UNtv has sprouted a new and intriguing, Video on Demand stream.

We’re calling it UNtv NOW and it’s live!..wait, well it’s not LIVE, It’s NOW… See LIVE is something different. Well… LIVE is actually something old. It’s the new way to watch the Old UNtv. It’s all the fun you remember from the original UNtv but with a new name “LIVE”. www.freeundergroundtv.com/live Get it? UNtv LIVE because it’s the LIVE stream!

This is of course not to be confused with UNtv’s other new way to watch, which is actually a new, new way to watch, UNtv “NOW” www.freeundergroundtv.com/now . Get it? UNtv NOW because it’s what you want to watch now!

UNtv NOW is a VOD service just like Netflix or Hulu except stickier and probably harder to navigate. We’re starting you off with over a dozen Video on Demand titles to choose from and adding new titles every day. This way the next time you’re bored with what’s playing on UNtv LIVE you can check out what’s NOW on demand! Don’t worry; you won’t be actually leaving the comfort of UNtv LIVE. Cleverly, Creepy has implanted the LIVE stream directly above the chat so you can watch whatever you want on NOW but still keep an eye on the action over at LIVE.

Some will say, why change things? Then they’ll scowl and spit out something like, “Why can’t you just leave UNtv alone? We had something special and now it’s gone!” Then they’ll begin to sob as they exclaim, ”I want the Old UN back!” To those folks we at UNtv say, the original UNtv hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just blossomed into a beautiful, young lady (hands of mister!) If you’re one of the viewers that like’s things the way they were, simply just type freeundergroundtv.com/live into your browser instead of just freeundergroundtv.com the next time you need some sweet, sweet UN comfort. Nothing’s changed, we promise. Of course if you’re flag blows the other way, you can always type freeundergroundtv/now into your browser and indulge in the VOD goodness right from the go!

We here at Underground TV know this might be a little overwhelming to some and upsetting to the UNtv purists. That’s why we set out to make this process as confusing as gravely possible. Sure we could have kept the original UNtv and we could have just called the Video On Demand Service UNtv VOD but we felt LIVE and NOW were much better choices. As one intern put it, “If they get lost on the site, they’ll never be able to leave!” This, by the way is exactly how we got an intern. Unlike Steven, were not allowed to shackle viewers to keep them here so it’s in our best bet to keep you in an everlasting loop on UNtv! … Welcome to your doom!


Ahoy Internet Time Travelers!
Quite a few viewers have been asking how they can donate to the station.
If you want to send in some moolah you can click here.
It's through paypal so it's 100% safe!

or go to paypal.me/UNtv directly

If you want to send in something else like a severed ear or McDonald's coupons. Inbox me and I'll get you a mailing address!
Thanks for any and all support. What a great bunch of Ghouls you all are. Here's a little bit of WEIRD to show our appreciation. Enjoy some Super Circus! Cheers and Fears!


It’s nearly the end of July and summer is in full force. That can only mean one thing here at the UN….. HALLOWEEN! Just because it’s hotter than the Devil’s Armpits doesn’t mean a Creep can’t open the windows, crank up the AC, grab some goodies and curl up in a creepy costume to watch their favorite Halloween programs of yesteryear.

We here at UNtv know a true fiend’s heart belongs to The Greatest Holiday Ever, Halloween, and around this time every year a Halow-Jonesing begins to tug at the old cobwebs deep in the pit of monsters' chests’ everywhere. Can’t bear the pressure?
UNtv is here to sooth your Trick or Treat woes with over 72 hours of retro, Halloween-Nostalgia fueled programming. Join us July 27th – 31st at www.freeundergroundtv.com for Retro Spooky Specials, Horror Hosted Halloween Hootenannies, and Putrid PSAs of the Past. And for those gruesome ghouls brave enough, you can curl up next to the video side chat for Terrifying Tales and Cyber Séances……. Or probably just some friendly banter among other Halloween Lovers.... See yah there!

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